To ensure successful implementation and maximize the impact of the Safe Delivery App in your context, please find below a step-by-step guide of issues to consider and prepare before using the App in your project or program. However, please keep in mind that implementation of the App is highly context dependent.

You can download background information, power point presentations for trainings and other implementation tools in the toolbox

1. What do I need to know?

Recommended assessments of contextual elements at policy- and project levels that may facilitate or impede implementation of the App.


2. What do I need to have?

A list of hardware and basic components required for implementation of the App.


3. What do I need to prepare?

Recommended basic processes and procedures to successfully prepare the introduction of the App in your context.


4. How do I conduct a training

Recommended procedures for the App introduction and training for trainers or skilled birth attendants.


5. Monitoring and evaluation

How the App usage can be monitored and evaluated throughout a project period.


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