On the job

The Safe Delivery App is used widely as a job aid by skilled birth attendants working in the periphery of the health system in low- and middle-income countries. They often have limited access to up-to-date guidelines and job aids that can help them adhere to guidelines and cope with obstetric emergencies.

Value-Add of the Safe Delivery App as a job-aid

  • Provides instant access to evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Refreshes knowledge via clinical modules and MyLearning
  • Strengthens confidence to handle emergencies
  • Can be used for post-assessment of what was done in clinical practice
  • Can be used as a reference tool in emergency situations to help health workers guide each other on what to do

Case examples: Using the App as a job-aid

Read some concrete examples of how the App is a powerful on-the-job reference tool for health workers around the world.

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