On the job

The Safe Delivery App is used widely as a job aid by skilled birth attendants working in the periphery of the health system in low- and middle-income countries. They often have limited access to up-to-date guidelines and job aids that can help them adhere to guidelines and cope with obstetric emergencies.

Value-Add of the Safe Delivery App as a job-aid

  • Provides instant access to evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Refreshes knowledge via clinical modules and MyLearning
  • Strengthens confidence to handle emergencies
  • Can be used for post-assessment of what was done in clinical practice
  • Can be used as a reference tool in emergency situations to help health workers guide each other on what to do

Case examples: Using the App as a job-aid

Read some concrete examples of how the App is a powerful on-the-job reference tool for health workers around the world.

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In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Maternity Foundation in collaboration with Copenhagen University, Laerdal Global, International Confederation of Midwives and UNFPA, the UN sexual and reproductive health agency have launched new digital content to equip skilled birth attendants in low-resource settings to protect themselves, mothers and newborns from the Coronavirus.
See the new COVID-19 video below and learn more about the COVID-19 content in the Safe Delivery App, which is available in English, French and Hindi.

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