About the Safe Delivery App

The Safe Delivery App, a free evidence-based mobile application, guides health workers in how to handle the most common childbirth emergencies – straight from their phones or tablets.

Every day, more than 800 women and 7,000 babies lose their lives during pregnancy and childbirth- and 99% are in low- and middle-income countries.

Most of these deaths can be prevented if the mother has access to skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Safe Delivery App provides skilled birth attendants instant, evidence-based clinical guidelines and uses simple, animated instruction videos, procedures, drug lists and e-learning tools to guide skilled birth attendants in basic emergency obstetric and newborn care.

It was developed in collaboration with the Universities of Copenhagen and Southern Denmark.

The App is available for free for download on Google Play or iTunes in key global language versions, as well as several country-specific versions.

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