March 27, 2023

The full Ukrainian version of the Safe Delivery App is now available

At Maternity Foundation, we work to ensure safer childbirths, always and everywhere. Therefore, I’m beyond happy to announce that the full Ukrainian version of the Safe Delivery App is now available for free on Google Play and App Store,” says Anna Frellsen, CEO Maternity Foundation.  

The digital tool will support frontline responders, paramedics, and other healthcare workers in ensuring safer births for the many women going into labour each week in Ukraine.  

One in five women of childbearing age in a crisis setting is likely to be pregnant, and over half of all maternal deaths occur in emergency or fragile contexts. That’s why investments in maternal healthcare are extremely critical in countries like Ukraine. 

Midwives might not be present or accessible throughout the country, hence we need to equip other healthcare workers to ensure skilled maternity care for the Ukranian women. Here, the Safe Delivery App can be a vital tool by providing guidance on how to handle the most common birth complications.  

Thanks to our partners including Merck, MSD, Ole Kirk’s Fond, Global Medical Knowledge and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). 

Want to know more? Read our press release on the development of the Ukrainian Safe Delivery App: 

Also, a big thank you to Dr. Serhii Frolov and nurse Yanina Monastyrka for doing the Ukrainian translation of the App content.