May 01, 2023

Emmerys sells Moderkage/Mother’s Cake in support of Maternity Foundation’s work

Maternity Foundation is proud to be continuing our partnership emmerys to raise awareness about the importance of maternal health.

In the run up to Mother’s Day on the 14th of May in Denmark, emmerys will be selling Moderkage/Mother’s cake. Half of the sale will be donated directly to Maternity Foundation and our work to help ensure safer births for women and their babies – everywhere.

All cake boxes will be labeled with a QR code that links to more information about the fight against maternal mortality. Because it should not cost life to give life.

This message continues to be highly relevant as new data show that progress on reducing maternal deaths globally has stagnated. We need to advance our efforts to improve access to quality maternal healthcare for all. Not only for the sake of the women, but also for their babies, families, and local societies and economies.

Maternal health must always be a priority. Not only on Mother’s Day but every day.