April 29, 2024

Frececo joins Maternity Foundation as a Global Maternity Partner, helping to accelerate efforts in ensuring safer childbirth across the world 

The international NGO, Maternity Foundation, welcomes Frececo as a one of their first Global Maternity Partners, supporting the organisation in expanding its reach and accelerating its impact in the coming years, ultimately benefitting mothers and newborns in low-resource settings worldwide.  

 “We are proud of our partnership with Maternity Foundation. We are impressed with the important work that Maternity Foundation does, making a global impact on maternal health, fostering healthier futures for both mothers and newborns, and ensuring safer births worldwide. Supporting Maternity Foundation is an investment in the lives and futures of children,” say Nanna and Morten Hummelmose. 

 Global Maternity Partners are a small group of high-profile investors, each of whom shares Maternity Foundation’s goal – to ensure safer childbirths worldwide. Maternity Foundation plans to expand the group in coming years with more smart and inspiring investors from around the world, providing financial support to Maternity Foundation’s continued roll out of its Safe Delivery+ Programme.  

 “We are thrilled to be launching our new strategic Global Maternity Partners programme to accelerate our efforts in ensuring safer childbirth across the world. With the support of Frececo among other key partners, we will be able to expand our reach and make a significant impact over the coming years, benefiting not only mothers and babies but entire communities and societies. Saving women from dying in childbirth translates into billions of dollars in terms of welfare gains”, says Anna Frellsen, CEO at Maternity Foundation. 

 Growing need to advance maternal health globally 

Most maternal deaths happen in low-resource settings, but the majority can be prevented if the women have access to quality care. Therefore, Maternity Foundation builds midwifery knowledge and skills through innovative programmes and digital solutions, including the Safe Delivery App. 

So far, Maternity Foundation has reached more than 400,000 healthcare professionals across more than 70 countries. However, progress on reducing maternal death globally has stalled in recent years, underlining the need to accelerate our collective efforts to advance maternal health.