December 21, 2021

Happy Holidays from Maternity Foundation

It should never cost life to give life. That has been Maternity Foundation’s vision for the 15 years we have worked to fight maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality in low- and middle-income countries. What started with on-the-ground activities to train healthcare workers and engage women in rural Ethiopia is now a global program utilizing digital tools and innovative training methods to reach, engage, and support healthcare workers in more than 15 countries.

The world is in a different place than when we started our work 15 years ago. Technology and innovation enable us to renew and expand our work and use hybrid training formats, AI, individualized learning, and training apps to reach healthcare workers where they are, in their own time, and based on their needs.

At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has put both pregnant and birthing women and their healthcare workers at great risk. For the first time in decades, the status on women’s health is declining. In too many countries and settings in the world, pregnancy and childbirth is still way more dangerous than it should be.

This is the nexus in which Maternity Foundation operates to serve midwives and other skilled birth attendants and the women and newborns whose lives are in their hands. We work with incredible partners to build and scale the best possible clinical, programmatic, and digital solutions, and we are constantly looking to improve and refine what we do.

We have big plans for the years to come. But our vision is – and always will be – the same. It should never cost life to give life.

Thank you to all partners, donors, Maternity friends, and collaborators throughout 2021. And most of all thank you to all the midwives and skilled birth attendants saving lives every day.

You can download our Year in Review report here and read more about our key activities and milestones throughout the year.