April 04, 2016

Launching new charity bracelet designed by Carré Jewellery

The new bracelet from Carré Jewellery is a celebration of LIFE. We want to celebrate the new life, the lived life, but also the precious life. It’s decorated with a small envelope with the word “LIV” (meaning life in Danish) engraved. It can be used as a gift for a new mother, a christening, a birthday gift, as a symbol of overcoming illness or just as a celebration of life.

The bracelet will be available both in Carré’s jewellery shops and online web-shop from Monday April 4th, 2016. The price will be DKK 490,- (plated) and DKK 450,- (silver). For each sold bracelet DKK 150-170,- will be donated to Maternity Foundation’s work to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in Ethiopia. Buy the bracelet here: www.carre.dk