December 14, 2023

Maternity Foundation broadens its services to ensure healthier pregnancies for women across the world 

Maternity Foundation strengthens its focus on providing comprehensive maternal healthcare by continuing to broaden the clinical scope of the widely used digital tool, the Safe Delivery App. 

The Safe Delivery App is an evidence-based job aid, learning, and training tool designed to support midwives, nurses, and healthcare professionals in providing quality maternal healthcare. It is free and once downloaded, it also works offline, making it possible to be used in even the most remote areas. Today, the Safe Delivery App and the accompanying programme has reached more than 400,000 healthcare professionals in 70 countries across the world.    

When the Safe Delivery App was first launched in 2015, it focused on providing guidance on how to handle birth and the most common birth complications. Recently, the App has been added modules on perinatal mental health, modern contraception, and safe abortion care in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Now, a new module on antenatal care has just been launched. The new module covers the most essential healthcare services that should be provided to pregnant women from the time of conception up to the moment of birth.   

“To end preventable maternal mortality, morbidity, and harm, it is crucial to ensure access for all pregnant women to quality preventive healthcare services. By doing so, we will not only help ensure timely response to potential complications but also promote healthier pregnancies for both the expectant mothers and their families. Therefore, I am beyond happy that we are broadening the clinical scope of the Safe Delivery App to include preventive healthcare services, including this new module on antenatal care”, says Anna Frellsen, CEO of Maternity Foundation.   

The need to end preventable maternal mortality, and address pregnancy and childbirth-related morbidity and harm continues to be crucial. Every other minute, a woman dies of causes related to pregnancy or childbirth. Every seventh second, a newborn suffers the same fate. For every woman who dies, 20 – 30 women suffer preventable injuries, infections, or become disabled from causes related to pregnancy or childbirth, significantly affecting their overall health and quality of life. By improving the quality of care provided, we can improve the health outcomes for mothers and their babies significantly.   

The new module on antenatal care is available in the global English version of the Safe Delivery App. Overall, the App comes in 5 global versions based on WHO guidelines (English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese) and almost 40 language versions, adapted to national contexts and needs.  

Contact: Head of Communications, Helle Degn; + 45 30561551