November 15, 2019

Maternity Foundation’s 2019 Impact Report

In which countries and settings are we currently rolling out the Safe Delivery App with partners? What do our users think of the MyLearning platform, and how do we measure user engagement in the App?

Learn about this and much more in our Impact Report, presenting some of our most important findings, partnerships and activities from the last year.

At Maternity Foundation we have ambitious targets for the coming years. We want to become a global and digital trailblazer within health worker training. We want to change the way we think of training  – whether it be in the classroom, on the job or as individualized learning – and make sure we utilize technology in the best ways possible.

That is why we are now calling our HQ in Copenhagen the Global Hub for Safer Deliveries.

The success of our work to improve health worker training – and subsequently help save more lives in childbirth – through technology is about a lot more than ensuring that the Safe Delivery App is downloaded. It is about how the Safe Delivery App is being used, by whom, and how we work with our partners to ensure a successful roll-out on the ground.

In short, the success of the App is about so much more than just the App.

With this impact report, we want to give you insights into the what, how and who behind the Safe Delivery App – with our latest data, user testimonials and App updates.

You can read our 2019 Impact Report here – or simply click on the window further up.