January 16, 2016

New partnership with IBM

Maternity Foundation is very grateful to have received an Impact Grant through IBM’s Corporate Citizens Program, which will help us track and analyze the large amount of data retrieved through the use of our Safe Delivery App by health workers in developing countries.

Maternity Foundation’s mobile training tool, The Safe Delivery App, will be rolled out in numerous countries across Africa and Asia in the coming years. A standardized data collection module is built into the app. Through this module, we will be able to monitor when, what and where the users are using the app. In this way, we can analyze user patterns and activity levels across settings.

IBM in Denmark will provide Maternity Foundation with the analytics software program SPSS, which is designed to help an organization analyze their existing data to uncover patterns and anticipate change. In addition, Maternity Foundation is receiving consulting expertise to ensure the best possible implementation and use of the SPSS program.

The support from IBM is part of IMB’s Impact Grants Program, which support non-for-profit organizations with software and consulting services to help them better serve their communities.

Senior consultant Søren Bøhne from IBM recently visited Maternity Foundation to help set up the SPSS program. Søren Bøhne has been with IBM for four years and he usually works with large Danish organizations and businesses to help them sort their data through SPSS.

“It is a great experience to help an organization like Maternity Foundation to make a positive difference. In addition, this is also a good learning experience for me. My professional skills are both challenged and improved when I teach data science in a different setting than I’m used to,” says Søren Bøhne.

The SPSS software from IBM will help Maternity Foundation analyze the large amount of data received back from the health workers’ use of the Safe Delivery App. This allows us to better understand the effect of the app and continuously improve the app accordingly to improve the skilled birth attendants’ skills and knowledge. Our target is to reach 10,000 health workers with the app by the end of 2017.

Photo: Senior Consultant Søren Bøhne from IBM trains Maternity Foundation staff on the use and analytics of the software SPSS.