May 27, 2020

New technical frontrunner to Maternity Foundation

Maternity Foundation is excited to welcome Morten Schioldan as our new Chief Technical Officer. As part of our journey to constantly develop and roll out high-quality tech-driven educational tools to help ensure safer childbirths in developing countries, we need a strong tech profile to lead the way. And with his extensive IT and leadership experience, not least after more than 16 years with Microsoft, Morten Schioldan is just that.

Morten is modern tech leader and people manager with 20+ years of experience driving customer success supporting agile teams to create innovative solutions based on Microsoft tech and cloud.

The last 16 years Morten has held different roles in Microsoft leading local and international customer engagement, which led to industry and customer-changing solutions with companies like A.P. Moller – Maersk.

Within the last 4+ years, he has been part of establishing a Cloud Architect team, which supports customers and partners to create groundbreaking solutions on Microsoft Cloud.

“I am looking forward to join the great team at Maternity Foundation to help build a new strategic digital capability and continue all the amazing work already done with the Safe Delivery App, which has been leading way on how to leverage digital learning and tools to support a safer childbirth for women and newborns”, says Morten Schioldan.

Morten will take the lead in leveraging Maternity Foundation’s work with and around the Safe Delivery App, our mobile learning- and training tool that guides skilled birth attendants in low- and middle income countries to manage complications related to pregnancy and childbirth – and ultimately save more lives. He will co-lead the development of our digital strategy, define key IT/app development tasks and optimize our existing and future set-up in regards to IT development, data handling, content management and production. Morten will be part of the leadership team at Maternity Foundation.

”We are so excited to welcome Morten to our Maternity team in Copenhagen. Having stronger internal IT and digital competencies at Maternity Foundation is critical as we continue to grow and advance our digital Safe Delivery Program”, says Anna Frellsen, CEO of Maternity Foundation.

To date, the Safe Delivery App is used by midwives and other skilled birth attendants in over 40 countries worldwide. It has been downloaded close to 140,000 times and is freely available for download in more than 12 different country- and language versions.