September 17, 2020

The Safe Delivery App hits 150,000 downloads

With more than 150,000 total downloads of the Safe Delivery App, Maternity Foundation and our partners have reached a major milestone in our work to help ensure safer births for millions of women and newborns worldwide.

Since being launched in 2017, the Safe Delivery App  has been steadily and exponentially growing its reach globally.  This week marks an important milestone as the Safe Delivery App has now been donwloaded over 150,000 times by heath workers in 40 different countries, especially in Africa and South East Asia.

Students, midwives, and other skilled birth attendants rely on the Safe Delivery App as a key digital learning tool and job aid every day to support them in ensuring a safer birth for women and ntheir newborns.

Today the Safe Delivery App with its animated instruction videos, drug lists, action cards, practical procedures and individualized learning platform is available in 15 different country- and language versions. The content covers the most common childbirth complications and preventative meassures, the normal birth experiences, as well as a new module guiding skilled birth attendance in their work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have made a commitment to reach 250,000 health workers with the App by the end of 2021, and thus help ensure safer births for millions of women worldwide. With this milestone, we are an important step closer to reaching our vision: It shouldn’t cost life to give life.

Thank you to all of our strategic, implementing and funding partners for reaching this important milestone with us.