Dr. Bjarke Lund Sørensen


Bjarke Lund Sørensen is PhD, consultant OB-GYN and has worked as associate professor in International Reproductive Health at Clinical Institute and Centre for Innovative Medical Technology, University of Southern Denmark.

For a decade Dr. Sørensen has worked to improve the quality of Basic Emergency Obstetric care in Low Income Countries through implementation research, skills training and criterion based audit. In Tanzania and in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders he has adapted the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO®) to be as relevant to the context as possible and addressing the seven signal functions of Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care.

Based on this experience Dr. Sørensen was one of the main “architects” in framing, designing and validating the clinical content of The Safe Delivery App, where the challenge was to condense the “key messages” and deliver them in animated movies lasting only around seven minutes. Given this challenge the team adapted the structured Delphi method to systematically score “key messages” for each topic via group of international expert reviewers. After this process the key messages were the basis for the film scripts and also for action cards, notifications and evaluation tools for assessing skills and knowledge. Dr. Sørensen has been the main author on the obstetric chapters and co-authoring the others. The drug list was developed together with Stine Lund and “Pharmacists without Borders”.