March 21, 2024

With support from World Diabetes Foundation, Maternity Foundation launches new modules to improve gestational diabetes care for mothers in India 

 Maternity Foundation, with support from the World Diabetes Foundation, has just released new modules on antenatal care (ANC) and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in the Indian version of the Safe Delivery App. The App is an evidence-based job aid, learning and training tool for healthcare professionals on maternal and newborn care with more than 170,000 downloads in India alone.   

The modules have been released to support the ongoing efforts by the Government of India to strengthen the provision of antenatal and gestational diabetes care for pregnant women and new mothers, focusing on targeted areas in the state of Madya Pradesh. 

Mothers with gestational diabetes at increased risk 

In India, approximately four million women are believed to be affected by gestational diabetes (NIH). Women with gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery. These women and possibly their children are also at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. WHO identifies uncontrolled diabetes as a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke, and lower limb amputation. 

Through the provision of universal, integrated antenatal care, which includes timely GDM screening, diagnosis and management, the adverse health consequences of GDM can be reduced. It is therefore key to have a well-trained healthcare workforce that has the technical competencies for early detection and management of GDM. 

“Gestational diabetes can lead to severe complications during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Therefore, I’m proud to support the ongoing efforts by the Indian government, in collaboration with our partner, the World Diabetes Foundation, to provide high quality diabetes care for mothers in India” says Anna Frellsen, CEO at Maternity Foundation.  

The new modules, available in Hindi and English, are based on Indian national clinical guidelines and include guidance on screening, diagnosis, and management of GDM, alongside an antenatal care schedule, guidance on respectful maternity care, and counselling. The modules integrate GDM screening into antenatal care visits, ensuring timely detection and treatment for affected women.  

Launch of modules together with key partners 

The official launch of the two modules took place in Khajuraho, state of Madhya Pradesh in Inida. 

Twenty-nine stakeholders from the district of Damoh and Chhatarpur attended the event, including the National Health Mission of the Government of Madhya Pradesh.  

The event also underlined the strong partnership between the Indian Government and Maternity Foundation, who have collaborated since 2017 to scale up the use of Safe Delivery App and its accompanying training and learning programme, with the aim to ensure safer childbirths for women and their newborns in areas of India where maternal mortality rates continue to be higher than the national average.  

Contact for further information 

Helle Degn, Head of Communication; / + 45 30561551