November 04, 2020

New feature on Training exercises

As of today, you can find a new tab with engaging training exercises when visiting our website,

The training exercises can serve as inspiration or as a tool for teachers and trainers who want to use the Safe Delivery App in education and training of midwives and other skilled birth attendants.

As we are all getting more used to a new normal of increased online and remote training in light of Covid-19, these training exercises can help trainers and learners alike to enhance learning within a specific topic and at the same time make the users experience the full potential of the app.

Our training exercises cover all modules in the Safe Delivery App and address a variety of ways of learning: role plays, lecture, demonstration, brainstorming, group work etc.  We hope that the training exercises can support learning situations whether it is in a classroom in Benin, a clinical training in India, a mentorship session in Ethiopia – and anywhere else.

Maternity Foundation’s Clinical Director, Agnete Nørrelund-Madsen explains:

“Ever since we launched the Safe Delivery App in 2015, we have known that our users could benefit much more from the content in the App if we could link the app with both their in-service trainings, clinical mentoring visits, with their curricula in midwifery schools etc. That is why we quite early on started weaving the app into trainings, for instance the trainings on Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (BEmONC) in Ethiopia. It’s a good way of learning, and good for the teachers as well; it engages the participants in trainings and at the same time they became more and more familiar with the app and a step closer to one of our wishes: that the Safe Delivery App comes to their minds when they are in need of professional sparring on the job. We have tested training content, refined and tested some more in Ethiopia together with our team om midwives and midwifery trainers and added more exercises and more formats. Simultaneously back in Copenhagen we started working on more of the small exercises that would promote the content of the app in teaching and learning situations. This is the result of that work.”

In total, there are more than 120 exercises covering the 10 modules in the App, and around 30 of them are now available here.