Safe Delivery App

Supporting healthcare professionals in ensuring safer births

The Safe Delivery App is a free-of-charge smartphone application that provides healthcare professionals with instant access to life-saving, evidence-based guidelines on how to handle childbirth and the most common complications related to birth and pregnancy.

Once downloaded, the App also works offline, making it possible for healthcare professionals to use it everywhere!

It is available in multiple languages and country versions.


Content of the Safe Delivery App

The Safe Delivery App contains simple, animated instruction videos, descriptions of practical procedures, action cards, and druglists.

All content is evidence-based and always up-to-date. Midwives and healthcare professionals can use it on the job, in their spare time or as part of their training, education or on-going professional development.

Through the MyLearning platform, the app allows users to practice their and test their skills and knowledge. Users can achieve a formal certification and become a Safe Delivery Champion.


The Safe Delivery App is free to download on App Store and Google Play.

No internet connection is required to view the videos and other features of the App once it has been downloaded. In settings with no or weak internet connectivity, the App can be pre-installed to the devices by downloading it as an APK file and transferred from a computer directly to the phone/tablet or via Bluetooth between two phones. Please contact us for more information on APK files.

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