How we support

We believe that the Safe Delivery App will reach its full potential not as an isolated tool, but as an integrated part of health system strengthening efforts carried out by governments, non-profits, professional organizations and other actors.

The mHealth Competency Center, based at Maternity Foundation’s headquarters in Copenhagen, supports partners in implementing the Safe Delivery App depending on their context, capacity and needs. The Competency Center is comprised of staff, systems, and tools that capture, distill, and disseminate information, knowledge and emerging results to support partners efficiently implementing the App, achieve scale, impact and sustainability. We have solid experience from implementing the App in several different countries and settings, and we are very interested in sharing best practice to ensure a sustainable and efficient implementation in the App.

There are a wide range of ways in which the Competency Center can provide support – ranging from remote support to on-the-ground partnership. It is NOT mandatory to form an agreement with the Competency Center to use the Safe Delivery App – the App is free to download.

Visit our toolbox for guidelines, presentations and background information to support implementation in your program or setting.

Please see the various levels of support below or contact the Competency Center for more information.

A. Remote Support

The mHealth Competency Center provides standardized support from a distance, as well as a variety of tools and resources.


B. On-the-ground implementation support

The mHealth Competency Center provides continuous advice and guidance to the implementing partner and may also support implementation on-the-ground.


C. National platform for scale

The mHealth Competency Center enters a partnership with the implementing organization(s) to integrate the App on national level.


Cross-cutting learnings and support

1. Data Information

We ask partners on all levels of implementation to provide us with data and information from usage of The Safe Delivery App.


2. Adaptation and translation of the App

The App has been adapted and translated into a number of country-specific versions, including French, Lao, Burmese, Hindi, Ethiopian and English.


3. Financing

The mHealth Competency Center provides support to partners in the form of staff time and advisory services, but cannot fund implementation of the App.