Partner with us for safer deliveries

We provide technical expertise to help partners adapt, implement, monitor and evaluate the Safe Delivery App in their specific contexts and programmes.

Implementation Support
Maternity Foundation works with partners to best integrate the Safe Delivery App into existing programmes and structures. Our key areas of implementation support are curricula integration, training, and implementation proposals and design.
M&E and Insights
We have developed tools to collect and analyse data from implementation of the Safe Delivery App and support partners to distil and document insights on usage, confidence, skills, and knowledge.
App Adaptation
We can adapt the Safe Delivery App to languages and national clinical guidelines. We also provide visual adaptation of animations to fit the country and context of implementation.


Below, you can find an overview of clinical trainings. On our YouTube channel, you’ll find video materials.

Overview of Clinical Trainings DOWNLOAD
Overview of Clinical Trainings: Bitesize version DOWNLOAD


Technical integration

You can create deep links to content within the Safe Delivery App. This is intended for interoperability scenarios where you want the App to open with specific content when navigating directly from another app or a webpage.

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