Nicola Zewga

  • Name Nicola Zewga
  • Country Ethiopia
  • Title Midwife
  • Organization Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp

“The Safe Delivery App is like a bible for midwives. We always have it right in our pockets. I think all midwives should use it”

Nicola Zewga is a midwife in Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp in Western Ethiopia, which is currently hosting about 75,000 South Sudanese refugees.

Nicola and his colleagues have been trained by Maternity Foundation on basic emergency obstetrics and neonatal care (BEmONC), and the Safe Delivery App is an integral part of their everyday work in the clinic, where they have up to 35 deliveries per week.

I use the app every day. I use it directly in my work, and when I am not busy I use it to check up on procedures and actions. Our work is risky – we have the lives of mothers and their babies in our hands every day. The Safe Delivery App makes it easier for us to manage,” he says.

Since Nicola Zewga was introduced to the Safe Delivery App, it has become a constant source of support. Nicola remembers a specific case, where both the training he received as well as the Safe Delivery App helped him to safely manage a complicated delivery.

“Six months ago, a woman came in with a breach presentation, meaning that the baby was coming out with his bottom first. It’s a very complicated delivery, and it had been 3 or 4 years since I had last done one of those. Because of the Safe Delivery App and the BEmONC training from Maternity Foundation, I knew what to do. I performed the delivery, and the mother and the baby were both fine.”