Ruth Maithya

  • Name Ruth Maithya
  • Country Kenya
  • Title Nursing & Midwifery Educator
  • Organization Amref Health Africa

“Technology is here to stay and it helps us a lot. We can train more midwives at a lower cost, and we can stay updated and ready for emergencies at all times.”

In Kenya, our strong partners at Amref Health Africa are using the Safe Delivery App in their training of midwives at their International University in Nairobi.

Ruth Maithya is a Nursing & Midwifery Educator at Amref and she uses the App as an integrated tool in her training of midwives.

“The App focuses on basic obstetric emergencies, which are the leading killers of mothers in most countries, including Kenya. We are training skilled birth attendants to handle these, using the Safe delivery App.

The midwives I train through the App are already working in the clinics. They use the App as a job-aid, and as a reference and refresher tool in their work. They can stay constantly updated through the App’s animations, action cards, and drug lists. It’s very easy to use, you just need a smartphone, you can even use it offline. It’s simple and realistic and easy for them to follow.

As a midwife, you experience emergencies all the time. If you are informed of an upcoming referral from a smaller clinic, for instance that they will be bringing in a woman with severe pre-eclampsia, you can read up on that specific emergency in the App before she arrives. It means that the midwives are ready and confident for emergencies at any time.”