Salimatou Diallo

  • Name Salimatou Diallo
  • Country Guinea
  • Title Senior midwife
  • Organization Head of service at the prefectural hospital in Pita, Guinea

“In the app, there is theory and practice at the same time. You can read a lot in a dictionary or a medical book, but you forget. When you can see it, it becomes easier.”

With my colleagues, and especially with the assistants, we often make small groups and open the app. The video is on – everyone is watching until the end. Afterwards, I’ll explain, and if they have questions, they’ll ask. Most of those who have smartphones have the app installed.

If there is an urgent situation, maybe a baby who needs to be resuscitated, we open the app. I am never by myself, there is always someone to help. So sometimes my colleague will open the app for me, and we will listen to it while we work, especially if we don’t have time to study the action cards. The drug list provides me with a guide on how to use the drugs: How much should I use, and how does it act? You must know the drugs.”