Q&A with Salimatou Diallo

  • Name Salimatou Diallo
  • Country Guinea
  • Title Senior midwife
  • Organization Head of service at the prefectural hospital in Pita, Guinea

Project zone for the Safe Delivery App 2016-2017 with the Danish Red Cross

Q: Why did you decide to become a midwife?

A: I have wanted to become a midwife since I was a child. I received my diploma in 2007. My mother is also a midwife, and she stills works at the Timbi Madina health center. I often went with her to the maternity ward, and when I got older I observed her while working. I have always seen her receive and follow pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. So I decided to become a mid-wife, because I love the profession.

Q: Why a mid-wife, and not a general practitioner?

A: Helping a woman bring a child into the world; follow her for 9 months, share this experience with her and help her give birth in safe conditions, it is something that I love. When I do it I feel at ease with myself. It’s a very beautiful relation between you and the woman. At the market, women yell to me: “Madame, Doctor! How are you? Have you seen your baby!? You are the one that helped bring him to life.” It makes feel proud and nurtures the relation between women.

Q: If you are working as a midwife, what are the main challenges you face in your daily work life?

A: Some women are very difficult, and do not want to cooperate. But we are women, you too know what she is going through, and so you can support her. And reassure her that everything will be fine. You create trust between you. And you handle the situation after the woman’s needs.

Q: In what situation do you use the Safe Delivery App?

A: With my colleagues, and especially with the assistants, we often make small groups and open the app. The video is on – everyone is watching until the end. Afterwards, I explain. If they have questions, they’ll ask. Most of them who have smartphones have the app on their phones. Also, if there is an urgent situation, maybe a baby who needs to be resuscitated, we open the app. It plays, while I do the resuscitation. We coordinate. I listen while I work. Also when doing the AMTSL*.

Q: Can you give a specific example from when you used the Safe Delivery App?

A: You know, sometimes, you can forget something. And the app reminds you. And I am never by myself, there is always someone to help. So sometimes it is Hawa [co-mid-wife] who opens the app for me. We work and we listen. The phone is on speaker. For example, in cases of severe pre-eclampsia or eclampsia.

Q: Explain the case of pre-eclampsia when you used the app, please?

A: A woman comes with a case of eclampsia. She already has hypertensive crises. I measured the blood measure, and it was 16/11 or even 18. I called for help, and I prepared the IV. We have magnesium sulfate available and also calcium gluconate as an antidote, because magnesium sulfate can provoke reactions. I followed the instructions of the app. Actually, the management of pre-eclampsia I have noted down from the app and pinned up in the delivery room.

Q: How is the SDA different from other training materials you have experienced?

A: In the app, there is theory and practices at the same time. You can read a lot in a dictionary or medical book, but you forget. But when you see, it’s easy. You can read all the theory in the app, but at the same time you see the practices. You can more easily focus. That’s the advantage. Sometimes, the assistants will ask me questions and we discuss it. For example, for the AMTSL, we do it all day. So I tell them, look in the app and we will discuss.

Q: Are there specific parts of the App that have been particularly helpful to you?

A: Besides the videos, there is the procedures, the actions cards and the drug list. For example, in the video, they tell you to use 20 units of oxytocin and this and that. But the drug list, this is here you will discover what oxytocin is. What is the dosage, how does it act? You have to know the drugs. If you are busy, you can use the action cards, but I prefer the videos. Because I don’t have time to read. But the videos, it talks to you and you work with it.

* AMTSL=Management of the Third Stage of Labour