Rajinder Kaur

  • Name Rajinder Kaur
  • Country India
  • Title Nursing Sister
  • Organization Mata Kaushalya Government Hospital, Patiyala, Punjab

The State of Punjab in the northern part of India is a national pioneer when it comes to using the Safe Delivery App as a training tool and job aid amongst healthcare workers in their clinics and hospitals. Especially when it comes to using the individualized e-learning component, MyLearning, health workers in Punjab are taking a leading role in moving through the test and finalizing the exam to become Safe Delivery Champions.
Nursing sister Rajinder Kaur from Mata Kaushalya Hospital in Patiylala, Punjab is one of them.

“I’m the oldest Safe Delivery Champion in the hospital. I’m 55 years old and graduated in 1985. We were introduced to the Safe Delivery App through Laqshya (the government of India’s national program to improve maternal health) in April 2019. I downloaded the App, studied by myself through the App, took the test and became a Safe Delivery Champion. I was the first one. To do that here.

For 4-5 years I didn’t have practical work as a nurse as I was doing a different job, and then I returned to the labour ward. I used the Safe Delivery App to refresh my knowledge. You are never too old to learn. Even after retirement, I will still study.

I’ll give you an example: using a cord-clamp. I used to cut the umbilical cord immediately after the delivery. Now I know I need to wait three minutes before cutting it. Also, the cleanliness and the infection prevention modules in the App have been very helpful.

All the young nurses who come here know the latest procedures and guidelines, and I used to struggle to keep up. But now I know too. I’m updated about all the latest knowledge through the Safe Delivery App, and now I’m on the same level as them. You’re never too old to learn.”