Low Birth Weight

Feeding [Think-Pair-Share]

Purpose: To learn about special feeding needs in low birth weight newborns

  • 15-30 minutes
  • Safe Delivery App, pen and paper
  • Video subchapter “Feeding”

1. Individual task: Find the answers to the following in the Safe Delivery App:

A. What can be said about feeding and prematurity in general?
Answer: Feeding difficulty is common, the lower the birth weight, the higher the risk that the newborn is unable to suck: But try! Assess how the newborn will feed by positioning close to the nipple. Is it able to attach, suck, and swallow well?

B. Which feeding method would you recommend in these situations when it comes to low birth weight?

  • If the newborn is able to attach, suck and swallow?
    Answer: Breastfeeding
  • If the newborn is not able to attach and suck, but can swallow?
    Answer: Feed by cup or spoon
  • If not able to swallow?
    Answer: Nasogastric tube

2. Discuss your answers with a colleague/ pair up with your neighbour

3. Share your answers with the rest of the group