Infection Prevention

Hand Hygiene [Game-based Learning]

Purpose: To learn how to clean hands and use protective equipment at birth

  • 15-30 minutes
  • Safe Delivery App, pen and paper
  • Video subchapters “Hand Hygiene”, “Procedure for Handwash” and “Personal Protective Equipment”

Divide the participants into two groups. The trainer will ask 5 questions, the answers are to be found within the Safe Delivery App. The group who has most correct answers will win the game.

  1. What soap is best to use for handwashing?
  2. If this soap is not available, what would you use?
  3. Why can you not air-dry your hands after washing them?
  4. What is the minimum of personal protective equipment you need to wear at birth?
  5. What is best for your hands – alcohol-based handrub or hand washing?