Manual Removal of Placenta

Manual Removal of Placenta [Group Work]

Purpose: To learn how to manage a retained placenta

  • 15-30 minutes
  • Safe Delivery App, pen and paper
  • Entire videos on "Manual Removal of Placenta" and "Post Partum Haemorrhage"

Divide the participants into groups and give them 10 minutes to find the answers to the following questions. They can look through the Manual Removal of Placenta and Post Partum Haemorrhage videos to find the answers.

  1. In which cases should manual removal of placenta be performed?
  2. When should you apply aorta compression?
  3. When should you apply bimanual compression?
  4. Which drugs would you give a woman with ongoing bleeding after a manual removal of placenta?
  5. When would you consider inserting a uterine balloon tamponade?