Prolonged Labour

Procedure for Vacuum Extraction [Lecture + Demonstration]

Purpose: To learn about and to practice how to use a vacuum extractor

  • More than 30 minutes
  • Safe Delivery App, a vacuum extraction, MamaNatalie
  • Prolonged Labour video

The trainer shows the entire video on Prolonged Labour. Hereafter, the trainer goes through the Prolonged Labour action card “Procedure for Vacuum Extraction”. The lecture method can in this situation be combined with a demonstration where the trainer shows how to apply a vacuum extractor.

Afterwards, pair up the participants and let them apply a vacuum extractor while they tell their considerations. One participant applies the cup, the other one helps – with support  from the action card “Procedure for Vaccum Extraction”. Afterwards, they switch roles.

In case of many participants, let the pairs discuss how they would perform vacuum delivery instead of showing it.