Normal Labour and Birth

Respectful Care [Role-play]

Purpose: To learn about the importance of emotional and respectful support during birth

  • More than 30 minutes
  • Safe Delivery App, flipchart/board
  • Video subchapter “Respectful Care”

Divide the participants into groups of 3:
One is the midwife, one is the pregnant woman, one is a companion.

Read the case story below to the participants:

Mary is having her second baby. Her first birth was long and only 20 months ago. She is accompanied by her mother-in-law. When they come to the hospital, they are met by the midwife. The midwife asks for permission to examine Mary. The cervix is 4-5 cm dialated, good contractions 3-5 minutes apart, membranes intact. The midwife asks for permission to listen to the heartbeat, which is within the normal range. Mary is very anxious and tense. The midwife tries to breathe with her and instructs the mother-in-law to do the same. The contractions are irregular. The mother-in-law is a bit impatient. She goes outside to get some air. The midwife leaves the room to attend to another woman. Mary is left by herself for a while and her contractions are increasingly painful. She is very afraid. The midwife and the mother-in-law come back. The midwife stays with her and breathes with her during the contractions. Mary calms down.

Ask the participants to do the role-play.

Afterwards, ask them how they felt in their role during the role-play and have them write it on the board/flipchart for each of the three roles: one for Mary, one for the midwife, one for the mother-in-law.

Discuss and wrap up by watching the video subchapter “Respectful Care” together.