Management of Hypertension [Role-play]

Purpose: To learn how to work as a team while managing hypertension during birth

  • 15-30 minutes
  • Safe Delivery App
  • Hypertension action card “Management Hypertension”

Divide the participants into small groups (4 people, if possible):

  • One is the midwife
  • One is the labouring woman
  • One is the assistant
  • One is the observer

Read the case together:

A woman presents at your health facility with strong and frequent contractions. She is about to give birth to her first child. She is complaining about a severe headache and visual disturbances. What do you do?

Play the scenario until the woman has given birth. The assistant can look at the action card “Management of Hypertension” and guide the midwife on how to handle the case.

Ask the observer to give the following information when it is needed by the midwife:
When vital signs are measured, inform the midwife: BP:165/105 P: 90 Tp: 37,3
When a vaginal examination is performed, inform the midwife: Cervix is 7 cm dilated, fetal head engaged in the pelvis, membranes are ruptured, and amniotic fluid is clear.

One by one, let participants evaluate the exercise.